If you choose a career at Windermere West Seattle, you will find that we are a collection of interesting, passionate, committed people who truly believe they are building vibrant and livable communities.

Yes, selling is certainly a big part of what we do; but it is a small part of who we are.  We prefer advisers, advocates, experts, counselors, friends, neighbors and the occasional gadfly.  We are relentless in the pursuit of helping people realize their dreams which is a far more interesting and ultimately, rewarding notion. We want the experience to be everything you hoped for.  And we want you to be successful and happy.

Still reading? Great. Then perhaps you’re one of the select few who are ready for the Windermere State of Mind. Windermere has a way of getting into the soul and taking on a life beyond a job or career.

Discover more about how Windermere has enriched your community with our unique way of doing business. We think you’re going to like our style. We have additional programs and training opportunities, and offer a range of benefits that will help you grow and create a fulfilling career as a real estate professional.

To learn more or set up a time to meet and discuss the possibilities, please give our Branch Manager, Doug Baldwin a call at 206-935-7200, or stop by our office in the Junction at 4526 California Ave SW.

Windermere Real Estate/Wall St., Inc.