Backyard Cottages – an annual report from DPD

DPD Releases Backyard Cottage Annual Report

images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQNG8xBAKFqeD0Y3Hq31Tk0KgxMelOIS_qUm2H_wdPKzSnvdSFWWgOn May 12 at the City Council’s Committee on the Built Environment, DPD presented its report on backyard cottage development over the past 18 months. In November 2009, Council adopted legislation allowing backyard cottages on eligible lots in single-family zones throughout the city. Fifty-seven units have been permitted since.

The report concludes that:

  • Backyard cottages are evenly spread-out over the city
  • Many owners matched designs with the existing house
  • Siting, design, and neighborhood fit of the cottages is generally positive
  • Units are generally well-screened from the street
  • Many have been converted from existing garages
  • Only three of the applications for the 57 units included a waiver for the parking requirement

MORE INFO on Backyard Cottages HERE

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One Response to Backyard Cottages – an annual report from DPD

  1. LeahP says:

    This was just posted on the WSBlog if you are thinking of doing a backyard cottage – there is a workshop available:

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